If the answers you are given initially seem to bear little or no relationship to the question asked, you are then confronted with various possibilities:

That you already knew the answer anyway and therefore you are merely wasting your time - remember, this is a serious project and will only work if you actually need assistance. Efforts to test the book or otherwise waste its energy will not work properly. The answers generated in this manner may well be sensible philosophical commentaries but will not be particularly relevant to whatever question was asked.

That you were not taking the process seriously at all and just playing around. Using this book is not in any way a game but rather an amazing opportunity to meet your greater self. As such, treat the process with the type of respect with which you would wish to be treated by someone else. Don’t ask questions merely on the spur of the moment - literally searching your mind for something interesting to ask about - but consider carefully, in advance, what it is that you really need an answer for.

That you were extremely stressed when asking the question and therefore communicated fractured and conflicting emotions. Ensure you have calmed down before asking a question since guidance in times of stress, pain and fear is obviously particularly important. The website cannot operate efficiently if your mind is scattered and immersed in all manner of negative emotions and though you aren’t expected to be totally calm and serene, you must at least be in control and somewhat settled before asking your question.

Your answer actually contains a completely new insight that you weren’t prepared for. If you were asking your question in a calm and serious manner and are puzzled by an answer, then keep that answer in mind for a time since, in most cases, the reason for that particular response will suddenly become clear to you. It may not be what you expected at all, but entirely applicable. This process can sometimes take a few days but often, in a flash of realization, you then understand the situation clearly.

Perhaps you asked a question about a stressful situation at work, but your subconscious was concerned with something totally different. Your answer then addressed itself to bringing this subconscious problem to the surface since it was the root cause of your situation at work - your stressful situation being then an effect and not the cause of your problem. Since the cause was hidden to you, your answer then allows you to discover a larger perspective: that everything is linked in one way or another and your hidden anxieties and fears affect you even when you are totally unaware of their influence.

Remember also that the answers you will be given won’t allow you to merely stand back and let the website take full responsibility for your life; you must understand your role here. If you can’t lift a heavy load by yourself, you get someone to help you, but you don’t then just sit down comfortably and let the person that helps you do it all on their own - it takes both of you working together to accomplish the task! Such is the case here. Ask the question, read the answer and then work out what is being said. This website is designed to make you use your mind, not subordinate it to a supposedly superior force. It is your partner, not your master.

What must be avoided is the tendency, if not satisfied with an initial answer to a question, to keep asking the same question - though rephrased - in an attempt to get a response more to your liking or, perhaps, your expectations. This won’t help you at all and anyway the process won’t work and you will consequently receive a string of irrelevant answers. You may even be told to stop playing around and adopt a more serious approach. Of course our attitudes and awareness change and therefore the same question asked a few weeks later could elicit a different response - the new or revised answer being the result of a shift in your perception concerning the circumstances surrounding your question.

The more you use this website then the better the “connection” and therefore the easier it becomes to understand the answer you have been given. In a sense it is like learning a new language: initially you just about manage to get by, but later, as you become more adept, you start to understand the subtleties inherent in the language. It is an interesting process - in fact two different people reading the same answer, would understand it differently with respect to their questions. You start, as it were, to be able to read between the lines and therefore become aware of a deeper meaning embedded in your answers. At this point you could be said to have developed a valid relationship with the universe, as if it were a living entity. This is as it should be.