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The Breaking Point - The Necessity to Finally React!

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The question here is not about the prevailing adverse conditions but rather about your attitude to them. It could be said that this time therefore represents a test of your resolve and, dependent on the outcome of this test, a new strength of purpose may well be forged despite negative circumstances.

The straw that broke the camel’s back can be regarded as either the end, the final straw that breaks one’s will or, if you like, a point at which you declare that you’ve had enough - a time to start fighting back! The choice is entirely up to you. This is very much the period when the wheat will become separated from the chafe, the weak-willed from the strong and the positive from the despairing. Do you want to be a victim or are you going to start the process of creating a far more successful and positive environment about you? This is certainly the time to do exactly that!

Many go through life believing that there’s little that they can do but to sullenly accept the apparently capricious circumstances that govern and often wreak havoc in their lives. They are victims of a force they call “fate” or “God’s will” over which, seemingly, they have no control. Faced yet again with difficulties they stumble wearily on cursing their bad luck and wandering what they might have done to deserve such misfortune.

Govern or be governed! Luck has nothing to do with anything and it’s no good blaming God either. Circumstances, both auspicious and negative, are very much the result of state of mind, of attitude and perception. What do you really want to achieve? Ask yourself this question calmly and quietly and, above all, answer in honesty. This is not the time for egocentric visions and honey colored dreams of what you might be.  This is the time for truth. Plain, unadorned truth.

When you are absolutely sure of what you want to achieve, then start the process whereby success will be assured by planting the seed of success in your mind - it’s that simple! Of course seeds need careful tending and protection from destructive elements, therefore absolutely refuse to let negative circumstances depress you or hold you back. Proceed forwards with an iron will not to deviate from your new course and even be cheerful about it! Remember that a negative state of mind attracts negative circumstances like metal to a magnet.

Guard  against blind optimism though - a positive state of mind certainly prepares the way but is not by itself going to miraculously pluck you from a negative situation and surround you instantly with success. The way forwards is step by step - cautious progress made in the spirit of cheerful and dedicated resolve to triumph. Each step you take, each day, takes you closer. You can do it, you should do it and judging by your question, you will!

Important Concerns

Don’t waste your precious energy bewailing the fact that circumstances are seemingly bringing you down as depression, rage or a feeling of hopelessness will only make matters worse. Remember that negative thought patterns attract negative circumstances as surely as rust is, if given the chance, easily attracted to metal, eventually destroying it. As simple as that. Instead, look inwards for it is there that you’ll find the root cause of your problems! Shake yourself up - your mind-set is what is misaligned and until you change that you can’t expect outward circumstances to change.  This statement seems unfair perhaps? The answer that you have been given is all about ending the present situation and creating a better environment for you in the future and sweet words won’t help one little bit. It is as it is.  You can get over your problems, you must and you surely will as long as you are prepared to consistently focus all your energies in the right direction. Are you prepared to do that

Above all, be patient. Just because your attitude changes in a positive and determined manner you can hardly expect the situation to change overnight. Plant a seed yes - in fact you must - but don’t then stand there waiting for it to grow in front of your eyes for that is an exercise in futility. Concentrate instead on sorting out your relationship with yourself. Inner-strength is your most valuable ally and just as an athlete prepares for an important race by exercising rigorously everyday, you also must regularly exercise your mind by constantly removing negative attitudes and replacing them with positive, dedicated resolve. When the time comes for progress - which it will - you will then be in a much more favorable position to achieve your goals.

Of course merely adopting a positive attitude to escape your present circumstances without having a definite plan of what situation you wish to achieve, and how, is basically a complete waste of your time.  A calm, clear-headed approach with a well thought out strategy is required. Reacting with impatience, indecisiveness and no obvious organization or direction will trap you as though you were in a maze and you’ll never progress!  “ I want to escape from the situation I am in” is just not enough!

In a tight corner and suffering from all sorts of woes tends to attract many who offer what they feel is good advice. Be true to yourself though and not influenced by those around who may deter you from acting in the way you actually wish. This is your journey, not theirs, and the lesson you are learning is essential for your future development. If you feel your course is correct then pursue it with dedication whatever others may think or say.

Often we find ourselves having to proceed alone and though we would greatly benefit from the right sort of help, it’s just not forthcoming. In such a situation it’s necessary - as long as you really believe you’re moving in the right direction - to persevere in the knowledge that eventually help will come. Have faith in yourself.

It is possible, that despite having well understood the answer you have been given, that you may lack the necessary confidence to progress since you have previously been the victim of misfortune or generally negative situations before. Forget the past! Your answer is about now and the situation is now favorable for better development. Fear is usually our greatest enemy - defeat it now since it’s the only thing holding you back from a far better future!

Supplementary Answer

The fall of your coins generated an additional answer which concerns itself more to the circumstances surrounding the question you asked: it may be a development of events in the future or just an added comment that it is felt that you need to consider concerning the background to the situation you currently find yourself in.

Stress, worry, tension and fear. Sometimes it seems as if your mind could actually explode with anxiety. This has to stop and it must stop right now! What are you doing to your life? You have a choice. You don’t have to accept this situation and you mustn’t. Despite negative circumstances, this is actually a very positive answer since it may initiate the process by which your life could be dramatically improved and the circumstances that then cause you so much anxiety can be dissipated and put behind you.

Unfortunately peace of mind is an extremely rare state in the world we have created about us. Inner peace and freedom from stress and worry is created by focusing your attention not on outward and egocentric goals, but on your inner-self and this is the time for you to do just that - turn away for the time being from all those other supposed problems that occupy your time and mind. Shift your attention. You require a period of peace, quiet and meditative repose to heal and strengthen before you proceed. To do otherwise could create a situation whereby your judgment could be adversely impaired by stress and incorrect decisions therefore made that could very much detrimentally affect your future.

Competitive and often brutal striving for material “assets” should be replaced by the calm serenity that comes from cutting off the outside world for a time and rediscovering your relationship with yourself: your real self. You have no more need of a mask. Take it off! If you don’t yet know how, then learn the process of meditation and discover the profound joy that peace of mind will bring you: a completely new, clear and creative outlook on life. Imagine waking in the morning to a feeling of pure elation and happiness rather than worry and nervousness about what a new day may have waiting for you in its shadows. Surely you want to “live” rather than merely exist? You do in fact! Change starts with a simple decision and you need to make it right now.

The continual striving to feed a grasping and never satisfied ego is an exhausting undertaking. The process starts almost from birth as we’re constantly extolled to do better, win and achieve. Rather than learning spiritual values at school, we’re taught competitive values. So it goes - a non-stop attempt to keep up with a totally artificial image that society has created for us of “being a success”. Is it any wonder that stress related illnesses and nervous breakdowns are so rampant today with many seeking to alleviate the constant pressure and tension with drugs, over-eating and alcohol?

The need to live up to a false ideal or image is strong and under-achievers are generally looked down upon - rendered outcasts who are then consigned to the fringes of an unforgiving society: too fat, too ugly, wrong color skin, not clever enough, tall enough, too poor. You know the list. Real success though has nothing to do with society’s ideal image at all. True success is simply being aware of, and acting in accord with, our spiritual heritage: our collective or shared identity that dissolves all barriers, ignores color, race, and wealth and sees straight through the masks that protect our false identities.

Realize that for the most part we’re immersed in a sea of trifling illusions that keep us constantly occupied and unaware of our true-self. By creating a constant link with our inner-self and ignoring the often very tempting illusions the material world has to offer, we then reinforce and expand our understanding of truth. Simple, unadorned truth. You don’t need anything more than that. In this manner you may achieve more than you ever dreamt possible. It is your choice - your decision.

General Commentary

Though not directly related to your question, this section provides observations on humankind’s frequently misguided understanding with regard to our often tenuous and misdirected existence.

Why do we so often look for answers when deep down we actually know them? Perhaps we didn’t realize that we knew or we just couldn’t hear them, being too preoccupied with the apparently pressing concerns that constantly weigh down upon us?

For most people, life is a bit confusing - rather like trying to navigate through a particularly well-designed maze. Frequently unsure as to the right direction, we so often don’t know what lurks around the next corner or even if we’ve been this way before and we are consequently making the same old mistakes! Then we have to double back on ourselves, start again, and then still get lost. That’s really frustrating!

So often we deceive ourselves - immersed in a “me, my, mine” attitude to life where our particular needs in a situation definitely out trump someone else’s. In this manner we then obviously lack the objectivity to make intelligent judgments that could successfully steer us out of difficult situations as they develop. We drown out the saner alternative positions that would be promoted by our inner or true self if only we understood that they were readily available.

And then, apart from our preoccupation with ourselves and our own particular needs, we also tend to be far too preoccupied with the multitude of distractions that are ever-present in our lives: from updating our Facebook accounts to worrying about how we look or are regarded by others. No wonder we don’t hear the answers that we need to hear!

If a plant is mostly separated from its roots then you can hardly expect it to flourish, in fact it must therefore struggle to get the nourishment that it obviously needs. And do you sometimes - often perhaps - feel that life is a bit of a struggle? It needn’t be. Look inwards and make a valid connection with the essential and true you. Devoid of artifice and all the false expectations that we latch onto for support, let go of the diverting and eventually useless frivolities associated with your life and explore a new possibility based on who you really are and where you really want to go in your life.

“You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don’t try to forget the mistake but you don’t dwell on it. You don’t let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space."

Johnny Cash: American country singer.

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