This website isn’t a game or a trivial pastime, but a serious attempt to show you a “better way”.  It won’t give you serious answers if you yourself are not serious, so attempts to “test” it by asking questions that you already know the answer to will most probably generate answers with no relevance to your questions at all.

Though each answer that is given always contains philosophical insights that are relevant, you may well get the answer to a question that you should have asked rather than to the one that you actually asked without sincerity - you could even be admonished and told to stop playing around! Such an answer exists. Above all you must really need to know the answer or answers that you seek since, in this manner, you enhance the link with your inner-self and therefore refine the ability of the website to provide exactly the right answer.

When you need to get advice concerning a situation or problem, it’s important to know what can and cannot be dealt with. As an example, a weather forecast cannot state that you’ll definitely get wet just because it’s going to rain heavily on a certain day, but it can warn you to take precautions - ignore those precautions and then you get wet! Your choice.

From time to time answers caution you to the approach of a storm, an annoying obstruction or even danger in your life, but because you have been alerted you can then adequately prepare for adverse conditions.

There are then no “bad” answers since you will always be directed  to a better place, new understandings, a safer direction and provided with a formula for success. Some answers may certainly be direct and hard-hitting - they may even reprimand the questioner - but always with the intention of improving a situation and allowing a new, more positive and constructive perception of events. Above all, the answers you receive are designed to make you think: why exactly did I get this answer or, sometimes, what does my answer really mean? - I don’t understand. Answers then sometimes need work on your part, but this is an important part of the process as it will give birth to an entirely new perspective.

There are some websites dedicated to the I Ching offering a computerized method of divination where you merely click when you feel “ready” and the computer will then do the rest for you. This website however maintains that it is essential to forge an appropriate link to your subconscious to make the process of asking a question truly effective and the very act of you personally throwing coins creates the correct atmosphere in the same way that a Japanese tea ceremony works. The methodology employed is an essential part of the entire process!


Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, a bedroom for instance, and make sure you are calm and collected. If you’re in a state of high anxiety - and this is then why you need to ask a question - then take deep breaths, exhaling slowly, until you feel  calmer. Stress creates a barrier and answers could then be negatively affected. You should also avoid asking a question after having consumed alcohol or any mind altering substance since answers will be negatively affected and you won’t get the answers that you really need. As an example, it’s the same with driving a car: your abilities are very much diminished by stress, drugs and alcohol; your judgment is impaired, your reflexes diminished and in that condition driving a car is dangerous!

Treat the asking of a question with as much importance as if you were sitting in the room with a great sage: with reverence. In the way that the Japanese place so mach impotence on etiquette when serving tea, you also should treat the asking of a question with the same deliberation and even a degree of reverence.

To produce the best possible results when cooking for instance, you don’t  blindly throw all the ingredients in the pot together without adequately ensuring that there isn’t too much seasoning, not enough of a certain spice or that the heat is too high. The best food requires that you involve yourself in the process of cooking - become a part if it and be totally absorbed in the process. At this level of involvement then, you instinctively know what must be done, when, and in what proportions certain ingredients must be added. The same is true when throwing the coins to ask a question. Don’t merely quickly think of the question and then hurriedly throw the coins "engage" yourself in the process! Become one with the coins. They actually represent you when you ask a question, so you must ensure that your link is strong - your mind composed: connected with what you are doing and expectant of the correct answer. Only in this way can you expect the website to then work efficiently.