The methodology that is used to generate answers on this website examines the often unnoticeable elements and disparate energies pertaining to your life that nevertheless have a direct influence on the events that manifest themselves around you. It is therefore objective - sensing, if you like, the bigger picture associated with your aspirations, failures, successes and inconsistencies. As such, in it’s objectivity, you can then obtain a much clearer perspective of your life and its various associations.

Although this website will often seem to express an intelligence that seems almost magical in its perception, that ability comes from within you and you must remember that. It is a romantic notion to be told that a website has mystical powers, but it merely acts as a channel by which your magic may be expressed at times when communication with your inner self is not sufficiently clear.

Answers to various questions that you may ask  can sometimes be so relevant that it seems almost as though you are having a conversation with someone standing in the same room who completely understands what is going on in your life. In reality, that is exactly what you are doing! This can  be a rather unnerving experience for the uninitiated, but you must understand that the conversation is with yourself; a higher aspect - your greater self would be an appropriate description.

There is another you: a wiser, more objective you, that has the ability to see through the fog of confusion that often surrounds us in our lives. This other, or “real” you, can therefore provide a clear, concise insight into the best direction you should take in a difficult situation.

Your inner consciousness is powerful beyond your present comprehension and is quite capable of influencing the methodology employed in creating your answers - the throwing of three coins on a flat surface - and though it may appear that random chance is the determining factor, it isn’t at all. This may be hard to understand at present but as you slowly evolve and your connection with your inner consciousness is strengthened, you will recognize  just how much influence you do, in fact, have over events. It is a step by step process of discovery and the answers you will receive can assist you on this journey, allowing you to see things with a greater degree of illumination.

This website could be likened to an older and far wiser brother that you can go to in times of uncertainty and confusion for good advice. You will  sometimes find yourself  rebuked, but only in a way that guides you to a new and necessary perception. Above all, the answers you get are intended to make you think: “Why exactly am I getting this particular answer?” “How should I react to a situation where a website seems to know me better than I know myself?” and even, sometimes: “Why am I being given an answer that is obviously wrong!” But the answer was probably correct and  therefore you were initially unable to discern the truth.

Questions such as these are good because they require you to realize that obviously there is an element apparent that perhaps you have been overlooking - that you didn’t actually know yourself very well at all and that there is another you. This “you” knows a lot more about you than you do yourself. The answers you will get then are specifically designed to lead you to a completely new understanding of life and its possibilities.

In most cases, we have allowed ourselves to basically drift through life out of control, becoming rootless victims to circumstances and the vagaries of what we call “fate”. This situation we would most probably deny though. Perhaps we have amassed a certain amount of possessions and knowledge, have good friends, a wonderful relationship, success and fun - how is it possible that we could then be regarded  as rootless or drifting out of control?.

Look around you; what do you see? You see society often close to anarchy with the world suffering the effects of wanton greed on one side and crass indifference to those that apparently have little or nothing to offer on the other. So many exist in poverty, conflict  and degradation and this then is as much your problem as anyone else’s  because society is us - you cannot separate yourself.

Not being at all impressed with the ego or the elaborate facades which we construct around us to keep “the unadorned truth” at bay, the answers you will be presented with  are devoid of embellishment and, as such, you will often be surprised by them, feeling that they have no relevance to how you perceive yourself and your life.  Confucius himself, the great Chinese philosopher, was caught off guard  when, consulting the I Ching, he found himself confronted with an unexpected answer that revealed an uncomfortable but illuminating truth. So it will be with you also. But only in truth may you correctly proceed in life.