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John Nicholas Stoodley
Saturday - February 17, 2018 .GMT

“You have no idea how much you have helped me. I can never thank you enough. I'm feeling hopeful again and that's because of your work and your energy”
Nilsa Gorey - New York. NY
“The answer I received was spot on and I can see that there's an enourmous amount of work and astute, diligent thought involved. I congratulate you.”
Mark Dolamore - France
“Spot on...very clear answer!”
Richard R Jonkergouw - Mexico
“All can say is OH WOW!”
Dawn Greenfield - Ireland.
“I got the exact answer concerning the direction I have to take at the time being. Thank you!”
Olga Gasteiger - Germany.
“You really are very much in tune.”
Jane Procter - UK.